Thursday, August 14, 2014

Tips on How to Prevent Red Eyes

Red eye is condition where red lines are observed within the whites of the eyes. The white portion of the eyes is called the sclera and it is known to form the outer coat of the eyeball. The surface of the sclera is composed of tiny vessels which can become congested with blood. This may be due to an insufficient supply of oxygen.

What are the causes red eyes?

Red eyes is caused by a lot of reason. These may include fatigue, eyestrain, dust, bright sunshine, pollen allergies, cigarette smoke, staying up late at night, overwork and other irritants. A special cause is drinking of alcoholic beverages. Bloodshot eyes on the other hand mean capillary fragility throughout the body. Lack of certain amino acids and vitamins, as well as high blood pressure may also cause red eyes and bloodshot eyes.

Individuals aged 40 and above are most likely to be prone in experiencing these problems but only to a certain extent. But if the condition persists, increased its severity of if it occurs in younger people, you may want to give it a closer attention.

Natural Solutions for Red Eyes

Be sure to get sufficient rest and sleep at night. You ma also want to pause and rest for a little more during the day.
It is also critical that you improve your diet. Take sufficient amount of Vitamin A, Vitamin B2 and B6 and the 3 amino acids which include phynylalanine, lysine and histidine. Eating vegetables, fruits, nuts and beans will ensure you that you are getting the needed amino acids and vitamins.
Do not use the over the counter drops in the pharmacies. These drops claim to cure red eyes. They contain agents that constrict blood vessels. This may make your whites whiter for a while but the problem is not actually addressed. If you place drops to your precious eyes, it will gradually wear off for a couple of hours and the redness will generally appear redder than before.
Lay a wed and cool washcloth over your closed eyes. The coldness of the water would help constrict your blood vessels the natural way. Also, the moisture helps your eyes.

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